TalkHelper Free Skype Video Recorder


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If you need to record your Skype conversations to keep a record of each one to use in the future, TalkHelper Free Skype Video Recorder is the perfect application for you.

With just a single click, you can record any call, incoming as well as outgoing, without the other person knowing about it. This program has no time or space limitations beyond your own hard drive capacity, so you can record as many calls as you want.

To start the application, you'll need to have an active Skype call. During the conversation, you can end the recording with just a click, so you can choose which parts of the conversation to keep and delete the parts that aren't important or won't be used later.

When you finish talking, TalkHelper Free Skype Video Recorder will create a shortcut to the conversation on its interface, including all the information about the time and duration of the recording, making finding your files much easier.

The formats that this program supports are MP3 and WAV, and besides listening to the files, you can also add notes to them to keep them better organized. TalkHelper Free Skype Video Recorder also has shortcuts to each contact, so you can call or write someone with just one click. Usability and simplicity to help you manage your Skype conversations.
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